Coastal Erosion Sucks

Saints Field

The river should be more accessible to the citizens of New Orleans.

Sometimes the work flows out effortlessly and at other times it’s a battle. I am at times for days working for a resolution. There’s lots to think about in all this.

I rise about 4. It’s so quiet…not talking… I read the NY Times for about an hour and I’m off to work. Still dark and I open the doors to my studio. I like to see the sun rise as I paint. I can get my day at the easel largely finished by lunch. It’s a great feeling to have the rest of the day for whatever needs attention.

I have been a meditator for about 30 years. I practice transcendental meditation twice a day for about 25 minutes. It is restful and a great respite from the rush of events.

I’ve been painting landscapes for about a month. The long winter leaves me imagining more temperate times and the full of nature. Oddly I find myself in the city painting landscapes and in the country painting the city.