Today was more of the same.Or the same but only more of it. I worked on another study of Hillary. She is so fun to look at. Sexy. I’m trying to find a fun way to express her geometry,her unfolding elegance. I flail.

Red Wine For the Lady

Well, it’s a place to start. I can feel my hesitancy. I’m holding back and playing safe. What the hell-I want to survive this experience. Still there is the search for a transformative experience. I want to be lifted by this experience. By this series. I paint and I experiment. I like the expression on the last piece but it’s not out there enough…It doesn’t lift me but I know it will please someone. I declare a truce and I’m back at it. I will find my transcendent experience in the next piece. Part of me thinks that the route to completion is through a paint roller. A more basic, looser abstraction. Less detail and more intrigue. I will speak with a coarse voice today.