Aged Rum

Today I was called to other duties. I work as a artist or art director for Celebration Distillation; we make rum. We are about to change the label for the 3 Year old Amber. The distillers are blending a new rum with 7 different rums and maybe up to 7 years of age. We’re looking at a lot of names like Distillers Reserve and I’m thinking that we should go toward a more contemporary expression. Something that speaks to our game and less to the valid but conservative image of aged rums. I’m submitting Super 7 Blend. It’s a bit irreverent and proud. I hope the folks at the distillery like it. I will continue to work on this thru the day-on and off. I’ll have a list of 50 names compiled to review. Time is short. After this we will redo the cork-I hope.